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Today, adventurous activities and sports are very popular all around the world. When people go for extensive trekking and hiking they carry some essential accessories such as backpack, LED flash lights, headlights, sleeping bags and trekking poles with them. We are leading manufacturer of trekking, hiking and camping products. We guarantee to provide durable, sustainable and products with best features. Here is the description of few products that can accompany your extensive camping trekking:

LED flashlight

While going on any trip or sports activities like campaigning you must carry high power rechargeable LED flashlights for your safety. You can choose our high power emergency metal cree LED rechargeable torch or 1*18650 Lithium battery Powered Aluminum Zooming 10watt Cree. You will find them the Most Powerful USB led Rechargeable Torch Light.

• These rechargeable LED flashlights are made with aircraft aluminium alloy and they have lifetime more than 50000 hours.
• You can find 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion battery in these torches which can be connected through USB. They are lightweight and available in small pocket size, and you can easily carry these powerful torches with your backpack.
• They have high power LED bulb of 10W CREE XML2 U3 LED BULB, and you can also zoom such flashlights as per your needs.
• You can adjust the luminous of these flashlights and you will find mode-swing switch on these products.
• They are completely water resistant, unbreakable and all flashlights come with 12months warranty.
• You can also find them in pocket size.
• You can get one free sample on bulk order.

LED headlight
LED headlights are another important accessory that can save your life because you cannot predict the road condition during trekking and jungle camping. Even when you go for jungle camping, you cannot identify the potential risks, and to prevent such problems, you must use LED headlights during hiking, camping and trekking. In this regard, you can choose Camping 3 Watt USB Led Rechargeable Headlamp or AA Battery Multifunctional Camping Sport Long Range COB Headlamp.

• You can find multiple switches on these headlights to avail different modes of such lights. They are designed with battery box, adjustable straps, cob lights, 8pc Smd LED lights, XPG LED and Cree xpg led.
• You will find that these lights are CE,RoHS,Reach and ISO9001-2015 certified. You can use the 5W cree LED bulb for long distance view and all these headlights come with 12 months warranty.
• You can also use the red signal lights in the evening to focus on danger zones and you can adjust these lights up to 60 degree.
• You can also use their sensor modes to get better luminous and they can cover up to 100m working distance during night. They are strong, durable and made with ABS+PCS materials, and they have 4.5V (3*AA) Dry battery which is rechargeable. You can connect them with USB cable to get them recharged.

Solar sensor lights
Now you can choose the solar sensor lights for your outdoor activity and you can install them at your outdoor walls to save your power consumption bill. They are available in different modes and they can run with 3.7V working current. In this regard, you can choose the Battery Powered Rechargeable Waterproof Security Outdoor Night Garden Wall Mounted Pir cob led Solar Motion Sensor Light, Waterproof Powered Security PIR Motion Solar Sensor Wall Light or CE ROSH ABS Plastic Waterproof Rechargeable Battery Powered Security Outdoor Motion 62 Led Solar Sensor Light.

• These lights are made with ABS+PCS materials, and they are CE,RoHS, and FCC certificated. You can find High Quality li-ion 18650 batteries inside and they have 500 life cycles.
• All these outdoor solar sensor lights are heat resistant, water resistant and frost resistant. So they do not get affected by any climatic disorder and the sensors of these lights automatically adjust the luminous power according to the level of darkness.
• You can also adjust the brightness of these lights and switch them to different modes as per your preferences. Solar power convention, 270 degree light angle, 700 lumens and water sensors of these lights are really effective for your outdoor areas.
• Apart from camping and hiking purposes, you can also install such sensor lights in your residential areas.
• These lights are eco-friendly and they save energy.

Portable Lantern
You can use lead flashlights and headlights for personal uses, but without a portable lantern you cannot do your camping activity. Camping, hiking and trekking are the group activities and you need to carry few portable lanterns to brighten up your camping zones. In this regard, you can choose Outdoor Emergency Black Stretch Plastic Handheld High Power 3W Cob Camping Led Lantern, 3*AA battery Powered 3W Bright COB Led Camping Lantern with Magnet on base or Emergency Outdoor Handheld 30 led Camping Lantern.

• Portable lanterns are made with strong ABS + PCS materials and they have 360 Degree COB Light Source.
• They can run with 4.5V Working Voltage (3*AA battery) and they are CE,RoHS, REACH and FCC certificated products.
• They are light weight and easy to operate, you can just pull up to turn the light on and pull off to switch off the light. Apart from that, they are designed with four piece strong magnets on base, and you can easily fold their handle to carry them in your backpack.
• Portable handles make them convenient.
• Our portable lanterns come with 12 months warranty and they are completely water resistant. So you can easily use them for your hiking, trekking and camping purposes.

All products are checked independently to provide you with best services. You can add more style to your business and buy such products to increase your revenue. They are available online and you can easily purchase bulk amount of products at reasonable prices. Apart from that, to establish your brand, we can imprint your company name, logo and other information on these products.

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