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If you are a supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor of camping and trekking products then you must choose the best durable backpacks, waterproof dry bags, LED lights, headlights, solar sensor lights, portable lanterns and sports arm bags for sale. Backpack and arm bags are essential for camping or trekking because you need to carry multiple belongings for your extensive travel. To fulfill your customer needs, you can choose different kinds of bags to form us and we can customize your products as per your specifications. In this regard you can choose the following products for your business:

Waterproof dry bag

For your trekking, hiking and outdoor activities, you must carry some waterproof dry bags. They are designed with PVC materials and you can easily fold these bags when not in use. These bags are 100% waterproof and if submerged completely in water even moisture will not enter into the bag they are designed to face extreme conditions and they keep your stuff safe and dry all time.

• You can find bags of different sizes such as 1.5L, 3L, 5L, 8L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L and 30L and you can also customize these bags according to your needs.
• Bags are available in different colors and different patterns.
• They are made with 100% 250D Tarpaulins PVC, 500D Tarpaulins PVC, 20D Nylon, 40D Nylon and 190T Polyester materials. They are completely water resistant and lightweight products.
• These dry bags are REACH certified and they are designed with eco-friendly materials. Apart from camping and hiking, you can also choose such bags for your daily uses and they are very stylish.
• They are known as dry bags because you can keep your things safe inside these bags, and you can seal these bags to save your belongings from wear and tear.
• You can find adjustable and removable straps on these bags, and you can use them as sling bags also. Even you can add the strap to your boat for kayaking and use them as your shoulder backpack. You can also adjust their length and shoulder strap as per your convenience.
• Along with the dry bag, you will get an additional waterproof pouch where you can put your wallets, cash, keys and credit cards.
• You can also imprint your company logo on these dry bags to establish your brand and we will customize your bags as per your preferences.

If you want bulk orders you can also get 1 free sample in a week’s time. In case you face any problems from the product you will get compensations and discount from us. Most of the orders are completed within 30 days or less.

Waterproof backpack

Without proper backpack, you cannot arrange your camping because you need to carry heavy items while you go camping, hiking or trekking. Today you can choose different kinds of backpacks such as Nylon TPU PVC Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack, Waterproof Dry Bag, 500D Tarpaulins or MarsBro Waterproof Dry Backpack Dry Bag.

• These backpacks are available in different sizes such as 20L,25L,30L,35 and 40L. They are made with 500D Tarpaulins and they can prevent rainwater, mud, snow and sand.
• You can find multiple pockets at the outside of these bags where you can store your small items and seal them with zipper. These small pockets can keep your cash, wallets and keys and mobile in a safe condition.
• You can just hang your water bottle in the D-rings of these bags and adjust their shoulder straps as per your convenience.
• They are REACH certified and eco-friendly products.
• They have a huge storage capacity and you can find multiple pockets inside the bags. Your things will remain dry even if you walk through a water fall.

All these backpacks come with 12 months warranty and if you find any problems in these products then you can replace the same at zero cost. These bags are ideal for Kayaking, SUP, canoeing, sailing, surfing, spelunking, eco-tourism, hiking, camping, bike commuting, and motorcycle trips, skiing, snowboarding, and jet-skiing.

Sleeping bags

When you go for camping, hiking or trekking, you cannot able to find any suitable accommodation because there are no such hotel service available in these remote places. In this case, along with your tent, foods, safety accessories and essentials, you must carry a sleeping bag. Without sleeping bags, you cannot get a peaceful sleep and even you cannot beat the temperature at high altitude. So in this regard, you can choose some best sleeping bags such as Ripstop compact lightweight hollow cotton filling mummy sleeping bags or Military duck down camping mummy sleeping bags.

• These sleeping bags are designed with 100% polyester and they are completely skin friendly. The high-quality polyester makes them durable and you cannot feel the roughness of the ground while you sleep inside these bags. These envelope style mummy bags are made with 170T/190T Polyester Material, 20D/40D/50D/60D Nylon and 190T Polyester Taffeta materials.
• They have a durable shell and they can protect you from extreme temperature. Apart from that, these bags are lightweight and come with the cover. So you can easily carry them in your backpack.
• These bags are designed with multiple pockets, and you can find drawstring hood, draft tube, internal pocket and two way zipper on these bags. They are completely water-resistant and you can also customize them according to your needs.
• If you want to buy some soft sleeping bags then you can choose the Military duck down camping mummy sleeping bags. They are designed with soft breathable cotton and anti-tear waterproof polyester shell. They are highly comfortable and they can prevent -5 ℃~ 15℃ temperature.
• You can easily customize these bags and print your company logo on these products.
• 100% quality materials with 12 months warranty are provided to all products and you can also avail some discounts on your bulk purchase.

Now you can buy backpacks, dry bags, insulated water bottles, LED lights, headlights, LED flashlights and sleeping bags from us and you can sell these products with your own business logo. Whether you want to take your documents in heavy rains or, clothes in canoe trip these bags will serve all the purposes. Our bags are designed to protect your stuff from moisture, humidity, rains, dust and dirt.

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